A bit of a redesign

If you’ve read my blog before you might notice that I’ve done a bit of a redesign, I hope you like it!

Typically this little bit of procrastination (an hour and half to find the right sized photo for the header!!) has stopped me from writing about the Ingenious Women event last week but I promise I will do that tomorrow…

I got the header from the Mercedes Benz Blog Photo Database, it’s a great photo, isn’t it? I love the striking header but am not sure about the plainness of the rest of the blog, will leave it a few days & decide! Perhaps a watermark of some other pretty shot of Kimi Raikkonen? 😉

I will also have a clear up of the blogroll >> so if anyone’s got an interesting blog please let me know & I’ll add it!

Planned posts for the next few weeks are:

and anything else that takes my fancy! Perhaps there will be some news published in the F1 world that is worth talking about?


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