Eating what you like, when you like..

I read an article on the internet (I think it was on the Daily Fail website) about a woman who has yo yo dieted, from being on her death bed due to anorexia to binge eating and trying every diet ever created.

She has found a new successful diet of eating what she fancied when she fancied it, and found the weight dropped off.  So I thought I’d give it a go…

..on Friday at the pub I fancied a pizza with my pint of beer and on Saturday although I wasn’t going to share a dominoes I ended up eating half a large pepperoni pizza. Today (Monday) I fancied a bag of buttons before breakfast, a bag of malteasers after my sandwich at dinner and a wispa to get me through the last couple of hours of the working day….

..hmm this eating what you like, when you like might taste good but I think I might have to sew an elasticated waist band into my work trousers! I think this diet will only work for those people who dream about lettuce leaves, not about creme eggs!

So tomorrow I’m going to go back to the eating 3 sensible meals with healthy snacks (and a bag of buttons so I don’t loose the will to live completely!). I might even go to the gym :-O


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