I’m a bad blogger

…it’s probably been 6 weeks since I last posted on here – doesn’t time fly :O

I have been writing posts, just getting half way through and realising they are massive rants about different topics and perhaps I should write them more eloquently (or just plain rewrite them in a better way!) before posting. I’m sure in the next week or so I’ll get them tidied up and posted.

The first thing to kick off the flurry of blog posts coming your way is Dom’s second instalment of his American adventures. If you follow him on twitter (@SRT40_USA) you will have seen his updates and the pictures, but nothing will prepare you for this! Tissues at the ready ladies 😉

As if you need a reminder, here is Dom’s first post from when he visited Chicago in July.


One thought on “I’m a bad blogger

  1. Hi Kayleigh,

    If you are a bad blogger then I am a bad commenter, because I seem to have stumbled today into first post and thought it was your latest! I know see you have been packing in a lot of living! What adventures… and now you have a written record of it here.

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