Raikkonen to Renault Rumours

haha snappy title huh?!

I for one (as you will all expect), am over the moon at the thought of Kimi back in F1, and to have him at Renault is the stuff only dreams are made of! I have spent the day (whilst doing productive work of course :P) trying to work out if I would faint, scream or cry at the news. I decided probably a mixture of all three and it would probably be more than a little embarrassing!

It seems the world has gone Kimi mad, my twitter feed was full of it all morning and at the other times I’ve checked during the day; I’ve had texts and emails from friends & relatives, all checking I’ve heard the rumours & sharing my excitement!

Now I did ponder a few days ago as to why Kimi’s 2011 WRC contract hasn’t yet been announced, presuming he was asking for too much money or just that it hadn’t been announced. So to hear that him or his managers approached Renault after Spa is very interesting indeed! Mainly as his WRC deal was supposed to be done at Rally Finland some weeks before Spa…

I think Kimi will do much better in WRC next year; he will have got used to the pace notes which is probably the biggest difference for him – unless you’re Felipe Massa you don’t have someone in your ear telling you how to take a corner in F1. I’d imagine a few times this year Kimi has tuned out his co-driver,  which would explain why he keeps binning it!!! Still I don’t care if he’s winning rallies, I’d still take him back in F1 any day!

The second drive at Renault is probably the biggest seat remaining for 2011 (unless Schumacher decides to hang up his helmet, I’m sure that’ll depend on how the Mercedes handles in pre-season testing) and I think it’s pretty likely that Petrov won’t be in it. I much prefer the new Renault management style when dealing with their young inexperienced second driver; it’s far better than ripping him to shreds like Heikki, Piquet and Grosjean all went through. Petrov is improving and he’s not doing a bad job, it’s just with the car performing so well, his bad or so-so performances are really highlighted. Renault need both cars in the points; I think the car is on the whole better than Mercedes but the championship shows a different story. I think Petrov would be far better off spending some time in a team where he can have the time to iron out his mistakes without a fast car and fast team-mate to show him up!

So that leaves his seat free. I would much prefer Kimi’s bum to fill it but if he’s going to ask for too much money or clear number 1 status, its just not going to happen. If that’s the case Heikki would be fine, I’ve still got a Finn to cheer on so I’ll be happy!


2 thoughts on “Raikkonen to Renault Rumours

  1. I’d be happy with either Kimi or Heikki, but Kimi back in F1 would be so fantastic. Even better than Robbie back with Take That. The grid has not been the same without him. I just love him for being him, but also for depriving Hamilton of the Championship in 2007 at the last moment:-)

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