Karun Chandhok in Korea

Last weekend Karun Chandhok had the privilege of driving a Red Bull around the new circuit in Korea for the first time. He gave fabulous insight tweeting his way through the experience with plenty of photos and an on board video has even been posted on you tube.

Yesterday I was reading an article on Formula1.com about the demo run. Now Formula1.com should be the best website in the F1 business given that it is the official website, but more often or not is the last place I visit – when all other sites are exhausted, just for a change of scenery (that was the case yesterday!).

Sometimes articles I read in the F1 press annoy me; sometimes its one little thing, other times the entire article is poorly written by seemingly an uninterested journalist. Immediately the author of this piece frustrated me!

‘Any remaining rumours about the Korean International Circuit not being finished on time for next month’s inaugural Grand Prix were silenced over the weekend …’

Erm sorry but did you see a different demonstration from the rest of us? Yes there was a layer of tarmac, some kerbs and some buildings, but little finishing touches? I think not.

The tarmac looks very thin, and looked to sit at least an inch lower than the kerbs, that means a fair amount of the track is still to be laid. The kerbs looked like they need a lot of work and the run off, well that was non-existent. The fencing was incomplete in places too.

The main grandstand looked impressive, and I presume they are not expecting to sell many tickets as that seemed like the one of only a couple of grandstands built.

I’ve heard there’s nothing around the track with rumours of the teams staying in rent by the hour hotels that are more often frequented by Koreans looking for some privacy than sleep!

I’m all for Formula 1 expanding into new territories but there has to be limit. The FIA’s final inspection is 30 days before the race and I wonder how much actually has to be finished for that inspection. Personally I think the track should be a raceable state for that 30 day inspection, and shouldn’t be able to get away with calling tarmac for the race track a finishing touch!


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