Poll: Putting a coin in a purse

Some of you may have answered this already but please vote on this very official poll – to prove Jay wrong, and to prove it is indeed the norm to put some kind of coin in some kind of wallet/purse/bag when giving it as a gift. And that I’m not a crazy daft person 😛

PS pretty please can more than 8 people vote, apparently that’s not a big enough sample!


5 thoughts on “Poll: Putting a coin in a purse

  1. I just think it’s mean not to give a container without something that it’s meant to have in it. If I gave someone a photo frame, I’d give them a photo of them to put in it too.

  2. I was given a handbag by my in-laws once and it had a pound coin inside the zip pocket. I’d never come across the tradition before so was a tad puzzled! I guess it does technically exist though!

  3. I vote with Caron. If it’s designed to hold something, something should be held inside… Even if it’s just a token, or a poem.

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