Not a Mid Season Review

I’ve spent a little bit of time this week writing a mid-season review post, carefully going through each team & driver, like a proper blogger! But then I got bored & gave up.

Today @SarahAnnGreen started trying to make a list of the 2010 drivers in order of her preference. So I jumped on the bandwagon & here are the results.

Please note there is no rhyme or reason to most of this list, if there is I’ve written it next to the driver.

1) JB

2) Schuey

3) Chandhok [very dignified & dealing with HRT’s merry-go-round very well]

4) Barrichello [so funny & v nice guy!]

5) Felipe – baby

6) Kovy

7) Hulk

8) Kubica

9) Glock

10) Di Grassi

11) Algy

12) Buemi

13) Sutil

14) Luizzi

15) Kobayashi

16) Trulli [train]

17) Webber

18) Senna [IMO over-rated, don’t think he would be near F1 if wasn’t for his surname]

19) Pedro DLR

20) Britney [most polite name I’ve got for him šŸ˜› But proving me wrong this year (I think he’s over-rated if you didn’t know)]

21) Nando [still haven’t forgiven him for trying to blackmail Ron Dennis, throws his toys out too often AND overtook Felipe on the pit entrance]

22) Vettel

23) Yamamoto

24) Hamilton


4 thoughts on “Not a Mid Season Review

  1. Thank you to Caron for pointing out the driver I missed out was Renault’s very own Petrov!! Wonder if I would get the sack for that šŸ˜‰

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