Silverstone Schools Cycling Event

On Tuesday evening Silverstone circuit was once again opened up to cyclists, this time in aid of local schools.

I was invited from a friend at Force India & so was under strict instructions of which school to donate the £5 entrance fee to. As well as entrance fees the schools had stands manned by parents selling hot dogs, crisps, chocolate, hot drinks & anything else someone cycling around Silverstone on a wet and windy Tuesday evening could want!

I was supposed to be cycling but after being so ill cycling was out of the question. I was hoping to walk around a bit of the track as there was still lots of grand prix remnants remaining and I’m a bobble-hatter when it comes to Silverstone 😉 But as it turned out I was exhausted from a day at work so I sat in a grandstand (covered thankfully) whilst Jay and Paul cycled.

With all the wind and rain I wasn’t too fussed I missed out on cycling, but it is fun to be on the grand prix circuit – even though it would have been the third time this year, its something I will never get bored off!

Jay has blogged about it here:

Hopefully next year Silverstone will advertise the open circuit on their website and raise even more for the local schools 🙂


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