British Grand Prix 2010

I am lucky enough that a couple of good friends had spare tickets & offered me the chance to go to Silverstone for all 3 days. Unfortunately after being ill (second post I’ve mentioned that in now, I’ll try not to again!) I wasn’t up to Friday and knew 2 days running would have not been a good idea so let the Sunday ticket go up for grabs on Twitter. I’m glad I did as it enabled Nigel to attend his first ever race & for me to attend a chilled out BBQ – just what I needed!

Anyway Saturday I decided to go to see some action at least & plonked down in the pit straight covered grandstand opposite the podium. The grandstand has moved back this year & so you can see more, from Woodcote all the way down to Copse, from pretty much any seat probably. I was sheltered from the hot sun & only moved for a toilet break!

It was great to see the emotion that the British fans have, I wish we could all be shipped out to places like Turkey & China, show the crowd how to show their appreciation!

The place was packed with McLaren supporters, it seemed like there were even more than in the last few years – Button fans added to the Hamilton fans equals a lot of McLaren victory red hats!

The grandstand was full of them, I could see about 3 Vettel fans & no Ferrari fans at all. (Slightly off topic this made me very happy – I’ve never been the only one wearing a Ferrari top before, just shows Kimi is far more supported in this country compared to Alonso ;-)).

I have never heard so much noise before (from the crowd at least) – every time Jenson or Lewis came to the front of their garages they were greeted by cheering and air horns and even the odd vuvuzela! They came out and waved at the fans a couple of times which just made the grandstand go even more berserk!! They also got a massive reception every time they went past once free practice & qualifying was running – such a shame that it didn’t end up as the majority of the fans wanted.

(VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I know not everyone in Britain or England or at Silverstone or watching at home at the other side of the world wanted a McLaren to do well, there’s plenty of you that want them to spend all day in the garage and not qualify or race! Everyone knows that’s what I want for half of the garage 😉 But at that moment in time with hundreds of supporters around me, I would have thought the entire world was a McLaren fan!)

Silverstone looked amazing; the campsites were full, there was more choice for food than ever before, more toilets & plenty of stands selling merchandise. The new pit building is taking shape so Bernie should be happy & the new part of the track made everyone forget that we’d lost Bridge and Abbey.

The only downside as a fan was that the teams (presumably now manufacturers have dwindled in numbers) was the lack of big stands with static displays of cars, I love seeing them close up even if they are usually old cars stickered up for the current season.

Watching F1 live is amazing, it’s hard to describe the buzz from the fans, the cars, the noise, the pomp and ceremony of Red Arrows, a brass band and a church break on a Sunday at Silverstone, the whole atmosphere is just amazing! If you haven’t been to a grand prix before and quite like watching it on the telly I would advise you to save up and try to attend a race. It’s the best thing since sliced bread!

Many thanks to Dom & his family for the spare ticket 😀

To see more pictures my flickr photostream will be full of them, there should be link on the right hand side of this page >>


2 thoughts on “British Grand Prix 2010

  1. I’m glad you had fun on the days you were up there!

    I was there for all three days in General Admission. I’m not a McLaren fan in the slightest, but I could not fault their fans’ enthusiasm. It was a great atmosphere.

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