Alot of people inspire me – my parents are probably the biggest inspiration to me; a close friend’s parents for having the strength & energy to look after their two granddaughters; Elizabeth I for being such a strong woman who didn’t need a man (she’s been a hero since I did Tudors at school!)…the list goes on through different people for a variety of reasons.

I know a guy who all through school was called thick because he couldn’t write down what was in his head & because he couldn’t read what was written down. Written off well before I met him, he muddled through and made it to college. Even at that level one of his teachers wrote him off, not believing that he could go to uni, never mind reach his aspirations of a career in science.

Well that guy proved everyone wrong by firstly going to uni & secondly only being a year away from finishing his masters of engineering. Had he have left with a bachelors this summer he would have got a first & I know this time next year he’ll have a distinction MEng to his name.

You’ll probably follow him on twitter but in case you are interested in his ramblings, that’s a link to his blog. But forgive the grammar, he’s dyslexic 😉

Another good friend of mine was struck down by a severe virus several years ago and was left, basically, disabled (he’ll hate me if he ever sees this!). He’s got better over time but still has issues with walking. Still he has decided to raise money for the Spinal Injuries Association by taking part in a half marathon at Silverstone next year. I felt guilty as a perfectly healthy 24 year old that there’s no way I could take part in that!

My parents & these two blokes have made me realise that everybody has massive potential to do whatever it is they want to do. So what next to put my mind to..? Perhaps that half marathon after all!


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