Another fortnight has flown by!

So its been another fortnight since I last blogged, the government has changed, summer’s arrived, and I’m only a week away from moving!

I’ve mostly been packing & sorting & organising all the different things associated with moving this past couple of weeks, and viewing a different house every day!

Thankfully today found a winner, a gorgeous house, big enough for me and the two guys I’m going to be sharing with to all have double rooms, and if we really wanted be in a different room downstairs too! Its quite new so has a gazillion bathrooms (ok one bathroom, one ensuite & a downstairs loo but that seems a lot after ribbing @SarahAnnGreen), lovely conservatory & nice garden.

So I’m excited at the prospect of moving into a lovely home, in what seems like a good location (2 mins from shops & pub) but also worried. My head hasn’t fully taken stock of what’s going to happen  between then and now…so wish me luck!


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