Race For Life 2010

Cancer is something that is far too common in our lives. I am one of the lucky few who hasn’t been touched by this horrible disease; I have not suffered and neither have any of my close friends or family. But so many do. And it could strike anyone at any time.

It’s not often I feel strongly enough about these things to get off my lazy bum, but raising money for Cancer Research makes me do just that – and for the past few years I have taken part in Race For Life. I’ve done 5km around York’s Knavesmire Racecourse as well as an event in Maidstone & more regularly around Silverstone F1 track. I’m pretty useless at running but quite good at walking/jogging/walking/jogging once a year, so again I’m going to be doing Race For Life at Silverstone.

If you have any spare cash (as Tesco says, every little helps) please support me & Cancer Research by sponsoring me at:


I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me doing this & the other sponsored events like my Channel Swim last winter, I am so grateful 🙂


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