Back to the shire for some lazing around!

Today I took Boo on a road trip to York 🙂 Back to the parents for a week to celebrate Easter (ah ok I really mean to swap chocolate) & my little sister’s 21st birthday next week.

The drive up wasn’t too bad apart from the queue to get on the M1 and then to get into the services with KFC, much easier than I expected on bank holiday friday.

Most unexpected part of the trip: I listened to Radio 1 and enjoyed it :-O a rare occasion as it wasn’t even Scott Mills I was listening to!

My sister also travelled home today from Plymouth & to celebrate (as well as not having anything in that we’d all eat for tea) we had chinese …kfc and chinese in the same day is a result!!

Tomorrow I plan to watch qualifying, taxi my sister around & visit J’s parents & nieces. Sunday is the race then family meal at Grandma’s. The rest of the week: lazing about – my favourite 😀


2 thoughts on “Back to the shire for some lazing around!

  1. Happy Easter 🙂

    Boo is amazing, but is the first power steering car that I’ve owned and driven more than a few miles so bound to be good!

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