If Carlsberg made birthday cakes, they’d make this one…

As well as the F1 this weekend also held a long awaited and much planned celebration of my best friend D’s birthday. He’s always wanted to go to Malmaison in Oxford as its a bit different as it is located in an old prison and he’s always wanted to try their homemade burgers! For some reason or another we’ve never been (I think I always say its too expensive!) so for his birthday I decided to organise a party there. The idea actually came from a dream I had back in October and since December when I booked it, I’ve been so excited!

There’s been a few hiccups on the way but eventually it went off without a hitch. Friends and family from around the country gathered in a gorgeous private dining room for a lovely evening.

We had a buffet so that the evening remained relaxed and to ensure there was something for all tastes, including D’s extremely fussy palate! The selection included open sandwiches, a variety of salads & cold meats, chicken satay skewers, king prawns, smoked salmon, and the entire reason for the party; Mal burgers. There was also puddings (creme brulee and fruit salad in little individual cups that looked so cute!) and cheeses served.

The buffet paled into insignificance when compared to the birthday cake! D is a big Ghostbusters fan so his brother designed a full scale replica Proton pack cake. Not your ordinary cake, this took 27 hours to bake and decorate, weighed 2.5 stone and measured about a metre long!

The photo really doesn’t do it justice but if you compare to this picture, the attention to detail is amazing!  http://www.propbuildingblog.com/images/proton-pack.jpg

It was a great evening and a huge thank you to all those that made it! Happy Birthday D for next Saturday 😀


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