My thoughts on the Oz GP

Wow what a race! Today’s Australian GP proved that the 2010 regulations weren’t the only cause of the procession in Bahrain, and when you add in a little bit of rain and a great track, F1 2010 style is awesome!

There was loads of overtaking, some banging of wheels (Algy and di Grassi were not scared of Schumacher!) and a few crashes (Webber loosing his front wing in Hamilton’s gearbox was tame compared to Kobayashi crashing into Buemi and Hulkenberg after his front wing failed).

The tyres provided more interest this weekend compared to Bahrain, with a handful of drivers two stopping but the majority one stopping and struggling at the end of the race. Hamilton was particularly attacking of his team as Button only stopped once compared to his two stops. But if McLaren had left him out on shot tyres, they would have also got the blame for not stopping him for fresh tyres, they can’t win. I hope in future Hamilton can keep all of his toys in his pram and get on with the job in hand! I suspect the fact is Button wasn’t wearing his tyres out at the same rate that Hamilton was, which is why the latter needed fresh rubber.

Button drove a fantastic race to record his first win for McLaren and was over joyed with his choice to change to slicks early on, a great tactical decision. It’s not often we hear about Button making such choices but it has to be said he is great in drying conditions, as the man himself said,today was a reminiscent of his first win in Hungary 2006.

My driver of the day was Kubica for driving brilliantly, keeping his nose clean when needed and getting the car home in front of those pesky red cars. Not that I’m biased or anything ;-). He and the whole team deserve such a good result – whether he will be a regular podium finisher remains to be seen, but I’m so glad that he capitalised on his good fortune today.

To come home in third place Massa really impressed me, holding Alonso behind him for quite a chunk of the race. I expected Ferrari to get Alonso in front as he did look quicker initially.  Massa provided entertainment in the last few laps as his tyres were grained and the car was all over the place. To hold it all together (with Rob Smedley’s help no doubt) proved he will push Alonso this year to me.

Fingers crossed next week’s race in Malaysia will be another good one. I’m not a fan of the track and not a fan of putting the start of the race back. Apparently it often rains in the late afternoon/evening so putting the race into the middle of that is not a good idea. If Malaysia’s climate included short light rain showers then going by today it would be a good thing, but a monsoon deluge that ends a race early as it is just too dangerous to carry on is not good. Saying that I quite enjoy seeing the cars pirouetting!


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