I’m looking forward to an early morning…for once!

Yes I’m talking about getting up for the Australian GP tomorrow morning. Not quite as anti social as it used to be, but I’m still not keen on seeing an early sunday morning when the clocks are going forward too.

I probably wouldn’t be looking forward quite so much if Hamilton hadn’t made a mess of qualifying, that certainly made getting up early on a saturday morning worthwhile! Vettel did a sterling job to beat local boy Webber to pole, but it’ll be interesting tomorrow to see if the Ferrari will have the race pace and for Alonso to beat them to the chequered flag. The midfield battle will be good to see, hopefully Sutil doesn’t hit Kubica this time out!

I love Albert Park, half race track half street circuit, as it’s not a Tilke borefest like Bahrain, and it tends to throw up a spectacular crash or two.  Obviously it’s not good when someone gets hurt but a bit of broken carbon fibre undeniably adds to the entertainment. The rumour in the paddock is that three other established teams are in a similar boat to Virgin with worries over fuel consumption & the size of their fuel tanks so for once I’m hoping the race tomorrow will be cleaner than normal, with no safety car periods to allow those teams to save fuel!

I hope for next year Bernie sees sense and returns the first race of the season to a track that is able to step up and provide a bit more of a climax to all the pre season anticipation (Albert Park would be perfect ;-)).

I also hope he returns the GP to its normal time. I think changing the timing of the race for the European audience is a stupid idea (which will be even more evident in Malaysia when there is a repeat of last years deluge of rain). I understand he thinks he needs to please the money in Europe, but seriously if someone isn’t going to get up at 3am to watch a race live and just watch the rerun, what makes him think they will get up at 7am (especially when the body clock thinks its 6am as the clocks have just changed). I for one wouldn’t I’d just wait for the afternoon rerun and carry on with my sunday morning lie in!

So here’s hoping for a good race!


One thought on “I’m looking forward to an early morning…for once!

  1. Couldn’t agree more about the timing of the race. If the race were at it’s usual “unsociable” time those of us who are doomed to work Sunday’s would be able to watch the race before going off to work. (Unless of course you work nights I guess). For me the race starts at the same time as my shift at work.

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