Student engineers: Win a 6 month placement at Renault F1

Renault are offering student engineers the chance to win one of two six month placements, one in the main factory at Enstone, Oxfordshire and the other at the engine facility in Viry, France.

To enter you need to be a final year engineering student or recent graduate (graduated since 2008) and write a 500 word submission outlining a project that will provide a performance, safety or reliability enhancement. It has to cover one of the following areas: aerodynamics, R&D of materials, vehicle dynamics, control systems and electronics, design and analysis, powertrain energy recovery, transducers and test technology, and performance engineering.

The world is split into 11 territories and to enter you must be studying at a university in one of these territories. One person per territory is then put forward as a finalist to present their idea for a project to the panel of experts, including the head of R&D at Renault.

All finalists will get a guided tour of the Renault F1 factory, as well as a TW Steel watch to commemorate their achievement.

Two winners will get 6 month paid placements in F1, as well as a company car and accomodation.

Click here for all the information

This is an amazing opportunity for students to gain some experience of F1 as they often find themselves in a catch 22 situation – very few teams are willing to take a risk on engineers with no experience, even if only for a short term placement.

So my message to all the student engineers out there: get your thinking caps on and apply for this fantastic opportunity!


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