Mothers Day with the family

For mothers day I went to a Lambing Day at Askham Bryan College in York with my two grannies and my mum.

It was a clever idea by the college – it seems to be a working farm just with students learning how to be a farmer rather than a family business.

All they had to do was rope in a few students, put on a couple of tractors with trailers attached to ferry people about, and do a bit of promotion and they had themselves a winner.

Despite arriving early (we had an F1 race to get back for) as it was a lovely sunny day the place was packed. It was a fiver entrance per car which made it a nice morning out for just over a pound each.

We saw heavily pregnant cows as well as calves at various ages, ewes and cute baby lambs. They were the star attraction and the shed with the newest additions was heaving with people. I was a bit worried that it would frighten the lambs and their over protective mums but they didn’t seem fussed, and the lambs seemed to love all the attention, most coming to the front of their pens for a stroke.

Outside there was small areas of grass cordoned off for the sheep with slightly older lambs, some of which were full of beans clambering over each other to get a stroke, while some were dozing in the sunshine, all cuddled up to keep warm in the breeze.

The horticultural department was also opened up to look around the greenhouses with plenty of plants and flowers on sale. There was a florist making the most of last minute mothers day gifts, I bet she did a roaring trade all day!

As we were there early we missed out on feeding time but it meant we did get to watch the F1 race, so me and mum were happy! One my grannies loves watching the race, the other had been out the night before and up early for church before coming to us, so she had forty winks.

After the race we walked the dogs, when half way through it absolutely tipped it down! We got soaked but the dogs were more settled after a run out.

Once my dad came home from fishing (very bad son fishing on mothers day!) we had roast beef and yorkshire puddings for tea. Thankfully it wasn’t lamb!


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