My thoughts on Bahrain

I’ve waited until now to blog about the race in Bahrain on Sunday so I could consider it properly rather than offering a knee jerk reaction only to change my mind after some thought! That after all is what Twitter is for 😉

Yes it was a bit boring, yes it was a procession but I don’t remember much ever happening in Bahrain over the years. Montoya ran over a grate (or was that Turkey?) and it’s a Massa track, is all that springs to mind.

So although I don’t think banning refuelling is going to improve the show, I don’t think the latest raft of rule changes are to blame either. At good tracks there will still be good racing, wet tracks will provide unpredictable results but as for the rest of season – well the teams are doing too good of a job to slip up and loose precious points.

One thing I am glad to see back is low fuel qualifying, as interesting as having fuel levels to analyse is, I love proper qualifying.

And as for all the suggestions to improve the show, I’d do a reverse grid – would be fun to see Chandhok and di Grassi starting on the front row and Alonso and Hamilton at the back 🙂


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