A comedy of errors

In order to scrap the Micra, firstly I had to get my private number plates taken off the car. Straightforward (and expensive, bloody DVLA) enough, we went ahead with Aygo order, expecting to receive the paperwork pretty quickly.

How wrong we were! The Micra is in J’s name but the number plates are registered in my name. When the DVLA took the number plates off the car they changed it so I am now the registered keeper. Apparently the number plates need to be in the same name as the car -fair enough but why allow me to put those number plates onto J’s car? And why not get in touch to tell us? And why switch the car into the same name as number plates and not the other way round? So many questions, and no answers from the person on the end of the phone.

Luckily we have another car that we can use. When looking for it’s paperwork it turned out the MOT had just expired so that was the first job. Shame then that the exhaust was in the boot and one of the tyres had no tread! New exhaust, brakes and tyre later (and lots of hard work by my dad) and the car passed it’s MOT.

We’d had the car a year on the 15th March so didn’t have long to wait. J took the Escort and it’s papers to Toyota to finalise the sale and pick the Aygo up as we’d been told by the salesman.

Turns out that was the wrong information, the car wasn’t registered or any of the paperwork submitted for finance so it wasn’t just a matter of the car to be scrapped paperwork, J had to go through the whole process again. Nightmare! He also needed his passort or driving licence as photo ID, neither of which he can find.

After several days of looking with no success J ordered a replacement driving licence – more bloody delays! It also transpired that his mum has his passport, so we are now waiting on her to post it to us so he can go do all the paperwork, and eventually two months after ordering it, I might just get my Aygo! Squeeeeee 🙂


One thought on “A comedy of errors

  1. You must feel like you’ve been banging your head against a brick wall. Bureaucracy is so frustrating. Here’s hoping you get it all sorted soon and you have your shiny new car.

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