I want a new car!

I’ve wanted an Aygo for ages, they are almost as cute as MINIs (but not as cute as Minis for all the die hard mini fans out there ;-)) and before Christmas I convinced myself I could afford one of Toyota’s scrappage finance packages.

I went into our local dealer to get more info and came away with all my enthusiasm dampened, the salesman being that rubbish I’d changed my mind.

Fast forward a month to mid January and the snow. My little Minnie the Micra fell out with one of her driveshafts and broke down. As it cost me the same amount to fix as a months repayment of the Aygo, and was the second expensive breakdown in as many months, I decided to bite the bullet and order my new car.

Going back to Toyota we were unfortunate enough to get the same salesman who proved just as crap as the first time. I wasn’t going to be put off and got the car ordered although I came away feeling a bit disappointed as the magic was taken out of my first new car purchase.

Little did I know this was only the start of my problems…


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